Want to get into the minds of your fellow small to mid-size manufacturing business owners as they reveal their best kept marketing secrets?

If so, welcome to this new edition of ‘Let’s Talk Marketing for Manufacturers’.

Where I get SME manufacturers to share their most successful marketing insights and honest advice, to help you to improve your marketing results and outcomes. Through watching this exclusive series of video-based interviews you’re going to experience many tried, tested and real-world practical marketing examples you can implement in your own business, today!

Let’s Talk Marketing For Manufacturers with Melvin Wingfield – A&M EDM Ltd

Learn some powerful marketing for manufacturer insights in my latest interview called ‘Let’s Talk Marketing for Manufacturers’. In this video interview, Melvin Wingfield, Director of A&M EDM Ltd in Smethwick, is sharing his marketing secrets on how A&M EDM successfully become a multi award-winning business and the massive exposure and marketing rewards it brought them.

Let’s Talk Marketing For Manufacturers with Chris Greenough

Learn some key marketing insights from Chris Greenough, Commercial Director of Salop Design & Engineering, Salop Powder Coating, and President of Made in the Midlands. If you’re an SME Manufacturer you’ll learn a whole new perspective on your marketing and forge some new marketing distinctions you’d never considered before.