Why 80% of Small to Mid-Size Manufacturers Mismanage Their Marketing & What To Do About It!By – Carl Jarvis 

Are you looking for a series of powerful marketing breakthroughs for your manufacturing business?

If so, ‘Marketing for Manufacturers’ is written specifically for you.

If you’re interested in winning new orders, want new customers, more sales, proven marketing methods, and to learn how to avoid numerous costly marketing pitfalls and mistakes, reading ‘Marketing for Manufacturers’ will give you a series of actionable marketing strategies you can implement in your manufacturing business today!

Since 1999, Senior Marketing Advisor, Carl Jarvis, has specialised in advising SME manufacturing businesses, like yours, with increasing your sales and revenues, maximising your profitability, reducing your marketing costs, increasing your customers, developing more cost-effective sales and marketing approaches, and strengthening your business development activities.

This book will show you exactly how it’s done!


What Other Readers Say…

If you own or manage a small to mid-size manufacturing business, this is a must-read book for you. Carl clearly articulates his vision of what actions manufacturers can take to support their marketing activities and shares many of his tried and tested strategies to help you make a positive impact

David Atkinson – UK Head of Manufacturing – Commercial Banking – Lloyds Bank Plc

As both a manufacturer and LEP Chair I’m fully aware of the importance of continually improving our UK manufacturing sector, along with the significant part marketing can play in that economic success. Therefore, I genuinely found Carl’s book very stimulating and a real pause for thought, especially his Strategic Marketing Audit questions which, if you’re an SME manufacturer, will give you incredible clarity and focus. You’ll also find it brimming with helpful and sensible ways to actively avoid the major marketing pitfalls too.

Stewart Towe CBE – Chairman & Managing Director – Hadley Industries PLC / Chairman of The Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership

In this book, Carl addresses marketing for the ‘non-marketer’; i.e. the manufacturer/engineer. It reads like a technical manual, in ‘bite-sized chunks’ with a ‘Call to Action’ at the end of each section. It is, and I’m sure its intended to be, thought provoking; it appeals to the intellect of the engineer to understand that sales and marketing is a profession in itself; a science even. In this book, Carl shows manufacturers how to get serious about marketing and put it in its rightful place in the winning business strategy for the SME manufacturer.

Johnathan Dudley – National Head of Manufacturing – Crowe Clark Whitehill (Accountants) & Manufacturing Steering Group Member – Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

I have always held by the mantra that “to wonder is to begin to understand”. Carl does a great job in his work of getting you wondering. In my experience, too many businesses spend their lives in the moment and too little time working on the “what if”. Marketing is the key to this and Carl’s book helps immensely.

Colin Flack – Chief Executive – Rail Alliance

As CEO of the GTMA (Gauge & Toolmakers) trade association, we set up the Manufacturing Resource Centre for technology transfer and supply chain initiatives and more recently our new Reshoring UK collaboration of leading industrial engineering trade associations, building a connected network of specialist engineering companies to supply the high value manufacturing sectors in the UK. So, I’m always looking for information that could benefit those companies. Therefore, I found Carl’s book both direct and authoritative, especially how it outlines solutions to many of the marketing challenges that most SME manufacturers constantly face but are too proud to ask. If you own a Manufacturing company, then this a is very pragmatic and valuable read.

Julia Moore – Chief Executive – GTMA / Reshoring UK

As a long established and proud Black Country manufacturer, I'm blown away with Carl’s work. It's common sense, practical, and a joy to read as the advice flies off the pages and shames most Black Country Businesses. I've read his book twice, précised the advice, and concluded with the probing question; Why aren't we doing this juxtaposed against? As of tomorrow, I’m sharing his excellent marketing strategy building blocks with my entire team so we can implement them without delay. I’m just back from a European business trip where I’ve been selling my products in a whole new ‘Carl Jarvis’ way!

Andy Cox – Managing Director – Cox & Plant Ltd / Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership Board Member

This is the first marketing focused book I've read written specifically for manufacturing businesses. Carl has used all his years of experience and distilled it into a straight forward guide. It helpfully explains the difference between sales and marketing, outlines how to maximise your marketing resources, both financial and physical, and has useful Calls to Action throughout. Along with tools such as the ‘Precision Marketing Matrix’ and the ‘Strategic Marketing Audit’, it’s a must read for all SME manufacturers.

Neil Lloyd – Sales Director – FBC Manby Bowdler LLP (Solicitors)

The High-Value Manufacturing Catapult works with manufacturing companies of all sizes to turn their new concepts and innovations into commercial reality in order to help grow the UK economy. But making excellent products only generates economic value if we can promote and sell them too. All too often, companies spend all their effort on design and production, with marketing being an afterthought. Carl is committed to helping SME Manufacturers improve their marketing, to help them grow in the UK as well as internationally. I believe this insightful, practical marketing handbook will be an invaluable resource for those progressive SME manufacturers who seek to discover valuable breakthroughs and innovations in their marketing activities and strategies too.

Henriette Lyttle – Marketing and Communications Director – High-Value Manufacturing Catapult

Carl takes the reader through achievable actions to build a media presence for manufacturing companies and then to maintain it to continually add to the value of all of manufacturing. A great read for all manufacturers who want to know how to create a media presence and win new business.

Rachel Eade MBE, FRSA – Business Growth Specialist – Rachel Eade Developments Ltd

Carl has crystallised 18-years of frustration with manufacturing companies’ poor attitude to marketing into a useful book. Many of the things he says resonate with what I have heard; UK companies focus solely on the engineering but not enough on the branding, marketing and sales, which directors hope will take care of themselves. My own experience is more with the paucity of high calibre sales people in UK manufacturing but reading this, the problem is clearly mirrored in marketing too. Once you get into the book it has some useful points that SME owner managers should heed, e.g. on treating marketing strategically, making full use of past customer records and over-reliance on CRM software to ‘do the marketing’. This is a very useful book that will draw company owners’ attention to the power of marketing and the difference it could make to their company’s sales. Well worth reading.

Will Stirling – Publisher – UK Manufacturing Review

Carl has worked his marketing magic with many manufacturers across the Black Country, over the years, so I know he’s been there and done it! It’s great to see he’s captured all that insight and experience in this practical and down-to-earth marketing book which I’m certain will help many more manufacturers improve their sales and marketing results too.

Steve Massey – Supply Chain Development Officer – Sandwell MBC/Black Country Growth Hub

This book captures the generation gap regards the thought process, values, and needs of marketing within manufacturing. It shows, as we move through the next decade, how important it is to evolve and invest in different marketing streams. The information and knowledge is abrupt but also politely delivered which creates an engaging read.

Josh Dudley-Toole – Business Development Manager – Frank Dudley Ltd

The route to successful innovation within an SME manufacturer is built upon the foundation of knowledge and experience of the people who work within it. However, all too often the very same SME’s are also least able to successfully exploit innovation, to its commercial advantage, through the utilisation of appropriate marketing techniques. In this must-read book, Carl has successfully managed to create a blue print for success that will prove a valuable asset for any SME manufacturer seeking to develop successful marketing solutions for their products or services.

Alec Gillham – West Midlands Manufacturing Club Programme Manager.

Carl’s book wisely distils the issues most SME manufacturers face in their daily challenge to attract, service and retain customers. Most Owner Managers busy themselves with continuous firefighting instead of concentrating on developing solid, robust, and foundational marketing strategies. Carl attempts to push this higher up the agenda by leading the reader through a series of practical pathways to overcome this weakness. This marketing book is well written and easy to follow.

Jas Bahra – BA(Hons), MBA, DipM, CMC – Chairman – The Primo Capital Group

If you believe that your products are the best kept secret then this book is for you. In the position of accountant and business adviser to many manufacturing companies I can recognise the real issues to which Carl refers and how they are affecting these companies. His practical points to help address these and move the business forward are a valuable guide.

Chris Barlow – Partner – MHA MacIntyre Hudson (Accountants)

There are countless books available that approach marketing from a generic perspective, but what makes this book unique is that it focuses specifically on developing marketing capability in the manufacturing sector. Carl writes from a self-reflective perspective, and passes on advice and guidance based on many years of practical business experience. The book is both informative and thought provoking, as well as being easy to read and understand. I would recommend it to anyone in manufacturing who has marketing responsibility.

Dr Robert Harris – Principal Lecturer in Marketing – University of Wolverhampton

Based at SPARK Business Incubation Hub, I have been fortunate, over the years, to see first-hand how Carl has built relationships and brought in opportunities and projects for SPARK’s new start companies encouraging the growth of new affiliations and connections across the region. For SME manufacturers needing to start or improve their marketing activities, this handbook is a straightforward no nonsense guide. It’s easy to follow with sound, practical advice and lots of actionable ideas - a truly invaluable resource.

Louise Hunter – Business Incubation Manager – University of Wolverhampton.

As a seasoned Creative Director, as well as a friend, I’ve had the privilege of knowing and observing Carl in action, delivering his marketing consultancy with real passion and conviction. So, if you’re a small to mid-size manufacturer, then you’re in for a real treat! Carl’s book is creative, imaginative, easy to follow and laser-sharp in how he conveys his provocative marketing strategies. Having experienced many a debate on marketing with Carl, I was not surprised to see the richness, depth, and quality of the content in his book. It’s sure to give you, the reader, a whole new more exciting perspective on all your future marketing activities.

Robin Crowshaw – Creative Director

With over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector as both a hands-on engineer and then helping many SME manufacturers make the right asset financing decisions, I have built up a vast knowledge of the engineering and manufacturing sector, speaking to business owners all the time. Carl’s book is the ultimate marketing guide for those involved in manufacturing and, what’s even better, when I’ve got clients who are looking for some good quality, helpful, and informative advice about their marketing, I know exactly where to point them. This is a first-rate book and one I’d highly recommend all SME manufacturing business owners read.

Chris Cooke – Asset Finance Specialist – City & European Asset Finance Ltd

In my role as an FSB Membership Advisor, I’m out visiting small business owner’s week-in and week-out. So, I get to see, first hand, the daily pressures, struggles and challenges our members face regards improving their sales, order books and marketing results. All I can say is Carl’s book is a much-needed lifeline giving them some important distinctions about how to successfully conduct all their future marketing activities. Written specifically for small manufacturers, his guidance is relevant, down-to-earth and jargon free, which makes it ideal for the small business owner.

Eddie Wright – Vice Chairman CANS Branch, FSB Membership Advisor, Federation of Small Businesses